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iRobot Looj® 330 Accessory Kit

The accessory kit is the perfect upgrade to the Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot. It provides all the additional options available to maximize Looj's cleaning abilities. The kit comes complete with a soft storage case for easy handling of the robot and accessories to and from the job site.
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SKU: 4395419
The accessory kit includes everything you need to maximize Looj's cleaning abilities. The 4-stage auger will now set you up with two auger assemblies. This allows you to have two auger ejector styles pre-set in the auger assemblies. Now when you are cleaning your gutter and need to switch to another auger style, you can quickly swap out to your second auger. The additional sets of ejectors and breakers allow you to change the cleaning style of your auger. Use the scoop ejectors and I-beam breaker for watery debris or the compact ejectors and cross-serrated breaker for low gutter straps. Use the standard ejectors and serrated breaker for everyday, seasonal debris. The accessory kit also comes with an additional scraper with interchangeable accessories. Depending on the amount and type of debris, use either the standard rubber squeegee or the wire bristles for the most thorough cleaning. The included soft storage case keeps Looj and all its parts and accessories safe and protected during storage and allows for easy handling to and from the job site. 


  • Case Dimensions When Open: Approx. 50.8cm W x 48cm H 
  • Case Dimensions When Closed: Approx. 15cm L x 15cm W X 15cm H 

What's in the Box

• 1 Looj 330 Soft Storage Case 

• 4-Stage Auger (includes 1 pair of standard ejectors and 1 serrated breaker)

• 3 Pairs Of Ejectors 

• 3 Breakers 

• 1 Scraper With Extra Bristle Brush Insert