Boy in classroom with Root Coding Robot

Introducing the Root® Coding Robot.

At iRobot®, we believe in a world where anyone can code. The Root® Coding robot is an educational robot that engages learners with innovation and creativity through hands-on, accessible learning for all.

Coding as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Graphical Coding

Level 1

Graphical blocks teach the essential logic skills of coding.

Hybrid Coding

Level 2

Hybrid drag and drop language builds computational fluency.

Full-Text Coding

Level 3

Learn the structure and syntax of professional coding languages in Swift. Python and JavaScript coming soon!

A robot that does incredible things

Children can code Root® to draw artwork, scan colours, play music, respond to touch, light, and sound, and climb whiteboard walls, all while exploring the fundamentals of robotics.

Explore the fundamentals of code

The free Root® Coding App is packed with lessons, projects, and activities designed to progressively challenge coders of any experience level.
 Root® robot on whiteboard

Boy with  Root® Coding Software display

Learning principles at our core

Propel learning forwards with additional, standards-aligned premium content that is available with a subscription to Root® Academy.

Cross-curricular connections

Use the Root® Coding Robot to combine the content and skills from multiple interdisciplinary subjects into one learning experience.
Cross-curricular connections

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